Moving in November has had an important role as a catalyst of dance performance activities since the 1980s. In the beginning, it provided a platform for Finnish contemporary dance during a time when the infrastructures of dance were almost non-existent.

The festival was founded at a time when international dance performances were rarely seen in the Helsinki area. The amount of international programming grew year by year, and Moving in November became an important window into the international dance scene. As contemporary dance in Finland searched for recognition and better conditions, the festival proved that the dance is an interesting, international art form.

Moving in November has established its position as the most significant contemporary dance event in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Again and again, the festival challenges audiences to see the artistic potential of the moving body.

Moving in November’s role as a forerunner is clearly revealed in the festival’s 25th anniversary chronicle, published in 2011. Throughout the years, it has introduced Finnish audiences to many European key figures in contemporary dance. Its programming has never merely copied other festivals, but rather presented breakthrough dance companies and topical works that have strongly influenced the Finnish dance field and artistic discourse.

Throughout the years, Moving in November has introduced Finnish audiences over one hundred international works and co-produced dozens of premieres. It has provided production opportunities for Finnish dance makers and broadened the audience of contemporary dance.

In the 2000s, Moving in November has brought key figures of the international dance scene to Finland. In the 2010s, the festival has taken a more proactive role in the production of contemporary dance, both in Finland and abroad, and in the new directions of dance discourse.

The aim of the festival is to continue bringing internationally interesting, enlightening and topical dance works to Finland, and to strengthen its role in the international dance production field.

Festival programmes 2005–2022


Calixto Neto: Feijoada
Jared Gradinger, Angela Schubot, Stefan Rusconi, Alm Gnista & Shelley Etkin: The Hut (PREMIERE)
Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods: Solos and Duets
Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods: The Lobby, Intermission, Overtime, The Clock
Mette Edvardsen: Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine
Veli Lehtovaara, Eija-Liisa Ahtila & Jani Hietanen: Nature Untitled I Movement I-III (PREMIERE)
Meg Stuart & Doug Weiss: All the Way Around
Eisa Jocson: Macho Dancer
Sheena McGrandles: DAWN
Tuomas Laitinen: Audience Body (PREMIERE)
Angela Schubot & Suvi Kemppainen: SAMMAL/MOSS (PREMIERE)
Cherish Menzo: JEZEBEL
Jeroen Peeters: And then it got legs – Notes on dance dramaturgy
Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger: Herbarium
Soup Talks

Traces from November (May 2022):

Matilda Aaltonen & Veli Lehtovaara: Performing Animalities – A Praxis
Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger: YEW: outside 
Matilda Aaltonen & Veli Lehtovaara: My multispecies neighbors -workshop
Matilda Aaltonen & Veli Lehtovaara: I and other animals -workshop for professionals
Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger: Gardening -workshop
Jared Gradinger: Memory Garden
Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger: YEW: kids


Dominique Brun & François Chaignaud: Un Bolero
Isabel Lewis: Occasions
Michiel Vandevelde: Dances of Death
Maria Saivosalmi & Vytautas Puidokas: From Mother to Daughter
Mikko Niemistö & Sanna Blennow & Teo Lanerva & Olli Lautiola & Justus Kantakoski: Astral Projections
Ofelia Jarl Ortega: StM
Stefan Kaegi & Judith Zagury & Nathalie Küttel: Temple du Présent – solo for octopus
Ingri Fiksdal: Diorama
Boglárka Börcsök & Andreas Bolm: Figuring Age
Mikko Niemistö: Odd Meters
Tuomas Laitinen: Time to Audience
Chiara Bersani & Ilaria Lemmo: Fionde
Bart Van den Eynde: Workshop for professionals CLAIM THE FRAME!
Elsa Tölli & Veera Milja: Inspiraation digestive – a spoken word poetry digestive for the festival visitor
Soup Talks
Pie Kär & working group: Paths in november
Tim Etchells: The Show
Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot: Residency

2021 festival program leporello


Traces from November (June 2021):

Sheena McGrandles: Figured
Nada & Co.: The Voice of a City
Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico: Forecasting
Frédéric Gies & Weld Company: Tribute – the outside version
Esther Severi: Ongoing Moments -masterclass
Soup Talks
Tim Etchells: The Show
Esitysradio: Podcast

2021 Traces from November program leporello

Traces in November (November 2020):

Reality research center & Ferske Scener & Western Norway Research Institute: Talking in the Rain – An Entertaining Show about the Weather
Luiz de Abreu: O Samba do Crioulo Doido
Sonja Jokiniemi: ÖH
Antonia Baehr & Latifa Laâbissi & Nadia Lauro: Consul & Meshie
Frédéric Gies & Weld Company: Tribute – the library version
Fabrizio Terranova: Donna Haraway – Story Telling for Earthly Survival
Maria Matinmikko: Poetics of Observation -workshop
Sonja Jokiniemi: Weaving textures and feelings -workshop
Soup Talks
Tim Etchells: The Show must not go on
Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot: Residency

2020 festival program leporello


Théo Mercier & Steven Michel: Affordable Solution for Better Living
Eleanor Bauer: A lot of moving parts
Clara Furey: Cosmic Love
Janina Rajakangas-Neil Callaghan: Over Your Fucking Body

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Moving in November festival has been recognized by EFFE International Jury to receive the EFFE Label 2019-2020.


Salva Sanchis: Radical Light
Marie-Caroline Hominal / Markus Öhrn: Hominal / Öhrn
Benoît Lachambre / Par B.L.eux:  Lifeguard
Elina Pirinen: Brume de Mer
Eisa Jocson: Princess
Movie screening: 52 Portraits
Work-in-progress: Neil Callaghan and Janina Rajakangas: Over Your Fucking Body

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Jefta van Dinther: Dark Field Analysis
Sonja Jokiniemi: Blab
Dana Michel: Mercurial George
Ola Maciejewska: Bombyx Mori
Daina Ashbee: Pour
Claire Vivianne Sobottke: Strange Songs

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Omar Rajeh & MaHa: Zaafaran
Eeva Muilu:
Dana Michel: Mercurial George
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko: #negrophobia
Alessandro Sciarroni: UNTITLED_I will be there when you die
Lea Moro: (b)reaching stillness

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Read the Moving in November 30th anniversary publication


Noé Soulier: Removing
Veli Lehtovaara: Clandestine sites: Displaced
Isabelle Schad: Fugen
Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe: Meeting
Eszter Salamon: MONUMENT 0 – Haunted by Wars (1913–2013)

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Benôit Lachambre: Snakeskins
Pieter Ampe: So you can feel
Christoph Winkler: The True Face – Dance is Not Enough
Dana Michel: Yellow Towel
Jefta van Dinther: As It Empties Out

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Olga de Soto: An Introduction
Jérôme Bel: Disabled Theater
Ula Sickle/Yann Leguay: Light Solos
Pierre Droulers: Soleils
Elina Pirinen: Personal Symphonic Moment
Meg Stuart: Violet
Andrea Pfalzgraf: I Love Me (elokuva)

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Maija Hirvanen: For those who have time
Jefta van Dinther, Minna Tiikkainen & David Kiers: GRIND
Frédérick Gravel: Usually Beauty Fails
Jeremy Wade: Fountain
Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion: Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece
Lisbeth Gruwez/Voetvolk: It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend

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Dasha Mazurka: Doubt in Frame/Queen of Sweden Killed Descartes
Pierre Droulers: de l’air et du vent
Noé Soulier: Ideography
Rachid Ouramdane: Exposition Universelle
Anne Collod: parades & changes, replay in expansion
Ruedi Gerber: Breath Made Visible (screening)
Alain Buffard: My Lunch with Anna (screening)
Thierry de Mey: One Flat Thing, reproduced; La Valse; Prélude á La mer (screening)

Read the Moving in November 25th anniversary publication


Jefta van Dinther & Mette Ingvartsen: It’s in the Air
Cecilia Bengolea & Francois Chaignaud: Sylfidit
Martine Pisani: Sans
Monika Gintersdorfer & Knut Klaßen: Logobi 01
Monika Gintersdorfer &Knut Klaßen: Logobi 05
Zoo/Thomas Hauert: You’ve Changed
Und er Libet: Gisellen keveys ja kuolema
Ruedi Gerber: Breath Made Visible (screening)


Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot: Gustavia
Ivo Dimchev: Lili Handel
Eeva Muilu and Milja Sarkola: In Human Disguise
Liquid Loft: Running Sushi
Antonia Baehr: Laugh


Sasa Asentic: My private biopolitics
Tommi Kitti: riffi
Jérôme Bel: The show must go on
Ayelen Parolin: Tropeau/Rebaño
Heli Meklin & Michael Laub: Bruce and more
Marc Rees: Gloria Days


Ivana Müller: While We Were Holding It Together
Martin Bélanger: Spoken word/body
Joji Inc Johanne Saunier/Jim Clayburgh: Erase-E(x)
Karttunen Kollektiv: My Imaginary Friend Is with Me
Eeva Muilu: Loppuunmyyty


Jonathan Burrows ja Matteo Fargion: Both Sitting Duet
Hiroaki Umeda: While going to a condition as well as videos Quantize and Montevideoaki
Julia Cima: Visitations
Eszter Salamon: Reproduction
Paula Tuovinen: Revenge
Teemu Määttänen: Seuraavalla kerralla
Kirsi Monni: Lichtweg – Friedenplatz


Les Ballets C. de la B, Koen Augustijn: 
Mouvoir/Stephanie Thiersch: 
Under Green Ground
Liisa Pentti + Co: 
1-0, matériel du coeur