What does it mean to get involved with a person whose basic conditions are completely different from one’s own?

With SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP, Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś explore and celebrate their friendship as a delicate dance of touch. Accompanied by Kim_Twiddle‘s eclectic soundtrack they delve into the analysis of attributions. Amidst a backdrop of mattresses, they interact with each other through curious and non-judgmental gestures, unraveling a landscape of tensions and contradictions.

Through seven concise chapters, they challenge societal norms while also dismantling their own physical boundaries. Wilke, born with spinal muscular atrophy, is often perceived as disabled, while Duduś is a queer dancer with flamboyant, chipped nail polish. Together, they expose themselves to the public gaze, countering voyeurism with an unwavering intimacy. Playfully confronting supposed dichotomies imposed by the normative gaze—such as man/woman, predator/victim, active/passive—they meld into a singular entity, exploring various images and defying narratives of dependence and victimhood. This cocktail of personalities offers the audience a glimpse of utopia – a vision of human interactions that prioritize tenderness, honesty and a dedication to authentically relate to one another.


Lucy Wilke is a highly skilled artist who possesses a wide range of talents in various creative domains, including singing, acting, dancing, writing, and directing. She is an accomplished screenwriter and has successfully staged short films and plays. Wilke received her education at the renowned International Munich Art Lab and frequently embarks on extensive tours across Germany with her band, BLIND AND LAME.

In 2020, Wilke joined forces with Paweł Duduś to produce SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP. This captivating performance took place at Schwere Reiter and the Münchner Kammerspiele, earning them the prestigious DER FAUST award for the best dance performance of the year. This outstanding achievement also granted them an invitation to Berliner Theatertreffen. Since the autumn of 2020, Wilke has been a highly regarded member of the ensemble at Münchner Kammerspiele.

Paweł Duduś aka PÁW MÈOW aka CHILL was born on a sunny day in August 1989 in Poland. Chill identifies as queer-non binary-feminist whose artistic expression relies on multi-faceted experiences in dance, theatre and performance art. Living and working in many different places informed Pawels socio-political sensitivity and shape their artistic expression up until today. Chill is very engaged with the topic of sexuality and in early 2022 finished a degree in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education.

Central to Chill‘s work are the correlation between sexual expression and identity as much as the search for ways to break free from the constricting social norms and the desire to expand the potential for playful human interactions in an intimate setting. Over the past few years Chill has been exploring their love for botany and focused on developing intimate relationship with own house plants. In 2021 Pawel received an art practice research grant to explore plant aphrodisiacs. The ongoing research focuses on finding tools and body based practices that support the development of a greater sensitivity for plants and contribute to the process of reclaiming the connection with the plant world. Pàw Méow is also an erotic dancer for plants.  

Since 2020, Paweł Duduś has been co-founder of “SKINSHIP – a touch based place for kinship” based on an idea by Melanie Bonajo – an artistic and activist safe(er) space for queer, trans, non binary, intersex, agender/gender fluid and femme bodies. They offer workshops on intimacy, touch, consent and erotic embodiment. Between 2020 and 2022, Paweł worked on the development of the film “When the body said Yes” by Melanie Bonajo, commissioned for the Biennale Arte 2022

Kim Ramona Ranalter, aka Kim_Twiddle, is a versatile artist who blends different art forms, materials, and technical skills in both physical and virtual spaces. They collaborate with diverse artists and ensembles, combining theater, music, performance, live acts, and DJ*ing in multi-faceted projects. As a founding member of the queer-feminist collective Kollektiv WUT e.V., Kim identifies as nonbinary and organizes empowering events while building networks for education and political interventions. They have a background in teaching, assisting musical direction, and studio technology. Kim has worked with various directors and ensembles on productions throughout Bavaria, including notable pieces like Leck mich Faust and Serata No°1. They specialize in composition and sound design in electronic music, using analog devices from the early 2000s to create diverse sounds for multimedia installations and contemporary theater productions, drawing inspiration from various musical genres.