How to use a dance performance as a source for poetical observations, insights, and writing?

The workshop Poetics of Observation, led by poet and prosaist Maria Matinmikko, offers an opportunity to deepen the experience of a performance by suggesting different ways of watching. The workshop gives a toolbox to enlarge the spectator’s view and introduces strategies of writing inspired by poetry. The notes and observations made during the workshop, can be used for the participant’s own artistic and other life purposes. Previous experience of goal-oriented writing is not required. The workshop brings to focus the skills of observation and note making, but also offers a possibility to get feedback for a text processed during the workshop.

Maria Matinmikko

Maria Matinmikko is a poet and prosaist. She has published the books Kolkka (Corner), Värit (Colors), Musta (Black) ja Valkoinen (White). She also participated in the collective novel Ihmiskokeita (Human Experiments) and is part of the ongoing digital writing project Lähes tunnistamaton mahdollisuus menettää (Almost unrecognized opportunity to lose). Matinmikko’s writing touches areas between poetic, prosaic, philosophical and political qualities in many ways. She has graduated as Master of Arts from the University of Helsinki, and she is engaged with butoh dance and photography. Matinmikko lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.