In this workshop, one will dance from their own inner world and experience of the body. Tying stronger the connection between body and mind. By awakening senses, one becomes aware of the present moment and of other living beings around. We will get familiar with Pihlajisto, which is a home for many species. What kind of animals live here? How does it feel to frisk like a magpie or sprint like a rabbit? How to get acquainted with a bumblebee?

This workshop is aimed for anyone from the age of 15, regardless of their background with dance. In the workshop, you will move listening to your own body. Working will take place in a studio and outside, in the Pihlajisto area. Just equip yourself with clothing suitable for moving in- and outside. Language of the workshop is Finnish. The workshop will be hosted by two Helsinki-based dance artists, Matilda Aaltonen and Veli Lehtovaara. They are interested in dance that is formed in relation to nature which is within us and all around us.

Matilda Aaltonen

Matilda Aaltonen is a Helsinki-based dancer and choreographer, graduated as Master of Dance Performance in spring 2020 from Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. At the moment, Aaltonen’s work revolves around studying relation between human and other animals and connection between species. She is part of multidisciplinary collective Voiko?, which studies animals’ communication. She also works in a research project, combining arts and science, called Elonkirjon äänettömät ja puhe niiden puolesta, led by philosopher Elisa Aaltola. Works of Aaltonen have been seen in programming of Reality Research Center and Zodiak.

Veli Lehtovaara

Veli Lehtovaara is choreographer and performer working internationally in the fields of dance and experimental theatre. He has lived and worked in Brussels for the years 2008–2018. Works of Lehtovaara have been seen on central stages and festivals around Europe, North and South America. During the latest years he has focused his work on the interfaces of choreography, ecological thinking, and diversity of the body. Lehtovaara works as a lecturer and conducts his artistic doctoral thesis in Theatre School Helsinki.