Fabou lives in my dreams. It appears behind the door while I sleep, while I kiss. Fabou is a bird, possibly moss, a dance, a vision, a nightmare, a wish, a working method, a troll, a storyteller and a parallel universe.


Blurring the boundaries between a live gig and a dance piece, Ella Skoikka and her collaborative team have created a piece where intimate feelings, ecological grief, and wild dreams meet in a play of imaginations.  Poet in my – my life as Fabou is a simultaneous outburst, dream, a cry and a reach for different connections.

Poet in my – my life as Fabou was premiered in Kutomo (Turku) in 2022 at Ehkä-production’s XS – Festival for New Dance and Performance. 


Ella Skoikka is a dance, performance and sound artist living in Helsinki. In her art she works especially with corporeality, sound and writing. She has worked in various projects in the contexts of dance, fine arts and music. She is drawn to the sensitizing, rousing, suggesting, and connecting power of art that moves the body and the world.

Kaisa Rajahalme  is a performance artist and scenographer (Master of Arts), who is currently interested in the connection of body and space. How do bodies create space and how could we create safer, more inclusive spaces? As a scenographer her goal is spatial pleasure. She looks for the junctures of space and function, the edges of subtlety and grandeur, ecological solutions and the relationship between abundance and simplicity. Rajahalme works mainly in contemporary performances in dance and theater.

Karin Mäkiranta is a sound artist who approaches composition through subtle soundscapes. Mäkiranta is known for her work with the bands Karina and Babel and for her own alter-ego solo project Ada Aik. She is fascinated by the transience and wide range of dynamics in music. Constantly on the lookout for new musical winds, Mäkiranta composes and produces music mainly in her studio in Helsinki.

Irene Lehtonen is a freelance lighting designer working in the field of performing arts in Turku. Their work history includes over ten years of diverse performances and tours with theatre and contemporary dance companies in Finland and abroad.

Tuuli Vahtola is a dance and performance artist who lives in Helsinki and works by herself and with others in different roles: performing, choreographing, in dramaturgical conversation. In her work Vahtola is intrigued by questions of intimacy and touch as well as the scattered spaces, logics and traces that performances might generate. Vahtola has graduated from DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts in 2017 and holds a BA in Dance Performance.

Julia Jäntti is Helsinki based visual designer. Jäntti graduated from the department of lighting design from Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2020. The last academic year she studied production design for film and media in Stockholm, Konstnärliga Högskolan’s master’s programme. Jäntti has worked as a lighting- set- and costume designer e.g. at Kom-theatre, Helsinki city theatre, Finnish National theatre, Oulu city theatre, Lappeenranta city theatre, Vaba Lava Tallinn and Kiasma.