What happens at the outskirts of everyday physical realities, when the material body is sleeping or consuming entertainment? Astral Projections is a living installation and a durational performance that is situated somewhere in between dream and fiction. In the gallery space, different dream-bodies and their incarnations communicate together, creating a surreal ritual. The installation-performance merges documented dreams, mysticism and atmospheres from digital entertainment. It is a collaboration between choreographers Mikko Niemistö and Sanna Blennow, lighting designer Teo Lanerva, dancer-sound designer Olli Lautiola and fashion designer-performance artist Justus Kantakoski. Along with Odd Meters, also seen in the festival program, Astral Projections is part of a series of works exploring dreams and their political relevance in todays 24/7 society. Astral Projections was originally seen at Forum Box Gallery in March 2020, before it had to close due to the Covid-19 lockdown. At Moving in November, the durational performance will happen once or twice a day.

Mikko Niemistö

Mikko Niemistö is a choreographer and performance artist who works in Helsinki and abroad. He has realized both solo works and multi-disciplinary works in different collaborations. Niemistö has completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Choreography at the New Performative Practices program of School of Dance and Circus, Stockholm in 2017.

Sanna Blennow

Sanna Blennow is a Copenhagen-based choreographer originally from Stockholm. The key of her working method is to challenge performance formats and hybrid art forms. Blennow has graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2019 with the Master of Fine Arts in Critical & Pedagogical Studies degree.

Teo Lanerva

Teo Lanerva is a freelance lighting and video designer and Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama) from Helsinki. He works mostly with contemporary performances and different events both in small underground clubs and big festivals. Works designed by Lanerva have been performed in over ten countries.

Olli Lautiola

Olli Lautiola is a freelance dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and sound designer. In 2017 he graduated as Bachelor of Arts in dance in School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm after which he has been working in various productions in Finland and internationally.

Justus Kantakoski

Justus Kantakoski is a Finnish fashion and performance artist. Kantakoski works with fashion design, arts and crafts and contemporary art as well as in the field of performance arts.