With Solos and Duets, choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart and her company Damaged Goods add a new chapter to their repertoire. The program combines a selection of solo works and duets* with excerpts from evening-length pieces** creating a new performance. Performed by dancers and musicians who have been part of Damaged Goods for several years, Solos and Duets offers a glimpse into an oeuvre that continues to live, grow and transform. Meg Stuart founded her company Damaged Goods in Brussels in 1994. Together they have worked on over thirty productions, ranging from solos to large-scale choreographies and from improvisation projects to site-specific installations. Meg Stuart’s VIOLET was presented in Moving in November 2013 edition.

* Signs of Affection, Inflamável
** No One is Watching, Built to Last, UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP

Meg Stuart

Meg Stuart was born in New Orleans, USA. She studied dance at New York University and continued her studies at the Movement Research laboratory, where she explored release techniques and contact improvisation and was actively involved in the downtown New York dance scene. Stuart’s work moves freely between the genres of dance, theater, and visual arts, driven by an ongoing dialogue with artists from different disciplines. Through fiction and shifting narrative layers, she explores dance as a source of healing and a way to transform the social fabric. Improvisation is an important part of her creative and teaching practice. The work of Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods has traveled the international dance and theatre circuit and has been presented at Documenta X in Kassel (1997), at Manifesta7 in Bolzano (2008), and at PERFORMA09 in New York. She has received various awards for her oeuvre and practice, among which the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in the category of dance at the Biennale de Venezia 2018. She currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium, and Berlin, Germany. Meg Stuart’s VIOLET was presented in Moving in November 2013 edition.