Out of a desire to recognize and interact with non-human beings, Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger forged a deep relationship with nature and its immanent intelligence. In YEW: kids, adapting their duet YEW: outside, they, in collaboration with the nature, offer children ages three and up, intensive encounters with plant nature. The work of performance duo Schubot/Gradinger revolves around unconditional co-existence and dissolution of the self, characterized by an extreme physical movement language and unique artistic handwriting.


Angela Schubot is a dancer, artist, choreographer, researcher and bodyworker-healer based in Berlin with roots in Peru and Canada. Jared Gradinger is a choreographer, artist, performer and gardener born in the USA and based in Berlin since 2002. Schubot and Gradinger first worked together in 2002 under the direction of Constanza Macras. Already then, they discovered a strong connection and common interest in purely physical yet very dynamic movement languages. They started to combine physical practices with philosophical and even esoteric discourse. The topic for their collaboration was the debordering of the body and starting point was the search for an unconditional togetherness to escape from one’s own identity. From 2009 until 2013, they have created 4 full-length works: What they are instead of (2009), Is maybe (2012), Dying together and I hope you die soon (2013) and All my holes are theirs (2013).

As a duo Schubot/Gradinger’s desire to acknowledge and interact with non-human beings and open up their unconditional togetherness to the non-human realm and brought into a deep immersion with plants and nature. Since 2017, they have been ‘co-creating’ performances with Nature. These works are a sensitive plea for the dissolution of the human-nature dichotomy and an attempt of a hierarchy-free co-existence through real encounters and radical experimentation.