It all started with a mushroom glowing in the dark and the most tender touches. A desire arose to encounter the more-than-human world through becoming a living, embodied herbarium.

The project Herbarium is overarching, branching and bridging between several places: the Finnish forest, the Colombian rainforest, and the urban nature of Berlin. Through this, mycelium has opened a network that reaches towards ways of making, sharing, and activating through a multiplicity of forms. How can humans host and embody nonhuman knowledge? How do we carry the assemblage of our encounters? How can those be expressed and shared?

The project is initiated by choreographers Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger who, for over a decade, have been searching for new forms of co-existence through symbiotic practices that deconstruct the dominant notion of self. Parts of the project were developed during several residencies in the frame of Moving in November.

In Helsinki, Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger together with their working group share three parts of Herbarium: The Hut, Memory Garden, and the solo SAMMAL/MOSS.