In Submission Submission, Bryana Fritz embodies the role of an ‘amateur hagiographer’. The amateur being both a beginner and a lover. The hagiographer, as in the Medieval literary genre hagiography, the writing of saints’ lives. In a series of performative portraits, Fritz embodies the corporal, rhetorical, and performative strategies that Medieval women saints used to subvert their restricted lives, deaths, and passions. Submitting her physical and digital body to holy echoes from the past, she dissects and harnesses the tools that give body. Submission Submission is a growing codex of performative portraits of Medieval women saints.

For Moving in November, the portraits of Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Siena, Christina of Bolsena, and Joan of Arc will be presented.


Bryana Fritz is a choreographer, dancer, and writer. She works at the intersection between literature and performance often in duet with the user interface of OS X. Her work is fed by a continued interest in medieval literature, fan fiction, media studies, and histories of illiteracy. She also collaborates with Henry Andersen under the moniker Slow Reading Club.