During the past year, our shapes have shifted, the structures are twisted. Our private lives have been rewritten, loneliness has changed face, and the collective has misplaced its bodies. Celebrations and rituals have been silenced. Fionde (Slingshots) is a performative artwork delivered by post. It explores new types of connection between art and spectators. Can a premiere take place in the intimacy of your home? Fionde is a performative object that invites you to transform your private environment and create new rituals for processing emotions: alone or together with others. After buying your ticket, you will receive a box containing everything you need to experience the performance at home. The content of the box is not revealed beforehand – it is always a surprise, an encounter with the unexpected. Take all the time that you need. Fionde can be experienced according to your own schedule, and it can be activated more than once, alone or with others. There is no rush or no “right way” to do this. Fionde is the first production of Samara Editions. Samara invites artists to create new performances that can be sent to the audience by post. You are both the performer and the audience of this show. Fionde is brought to Helsinki by two November festivals Baltic Circle and Moving in November. This way, you will have a possibility to get hold of the box throughout the whole month of November.

Chiara Bersani

Chiara Bersani is an Italian performing artist and choreographer whose work in theatre and contemporary dance explores the politics of the body and how the images we create interact with society’s narratives. Her research as a performer and author is based on the concept of the Political Body and the creation of practices aimed at training its presence and action. As an activist Chiara works on the inclusivity of disabled artists in the performing arts scene. For the rigor in embodying this study in 2019 she received the UBU Best Newcomer Award for Performers under 35.

Ilaria Lemmo

Ilaria Lemmo is an Italian composer and sound researcher in the field of electronic and experimental music as well as a sound designer working for theater and audiovisual arts. She is currently attending a Master’s degree in Electronic Music Composition at the Conservatory of Turin. Her research explores the possibility of the algorithmic composition and the relationships within the spatial acoustic.

Samara editions

Samara editions was born in March 2021 and has co-produced so far Fionde by Chiara Bersani with Ilaria Lemmo and Protoplasmic Flow by Jenna Sutela. Samara invites artists to create new performances that can be sent to the audience by post. Next creations will be by Tamara Cubas and Kate McIntosh. The curatorial team is composed by Eva Neklyaeva independent curator (Milan/Helsinki), Lisa Gilardino curator and creative producer (Bologna) and Marco Cendron art director of POMO, studio of visual communication (Milan).