The aim of the workshop Interrelational Mobile Choreographic Architectures is to combine an awareness of corporal energy streams with the inter-spatial dynamics of fluids. With the participants, Benoît Lachambre focuses on the creation of somatic images and their capacity to generate moving sensorial architectures.

He invites participants to examine the choreographic act by simultaneously reducing the stress of the learned roles of dancers and choreographers. He is thus proposing a transformation of models. With kinaesthetic awareness, and within a community of shared gestures, Lachambre works on a deepening of perceptions and feeling. To this end, he places bodies in a state of connectivity and openness, resulting in a dialogue centered on interspacial links and connective tissues.

In this forum for exchanges and learning Benoît Lachambre invites participants to reflect on the following questions:

  • How can we reconsider the performative/choreographic action through an exchange and inclusion of connective phenomena?
  • Is it possible to be a spectator, subject, performer and transmitter all at the same time?
  • Can an empathetic movement be a vector for positive change and for transformations via a meeting/breaking-down of the boundaries of established roles?

With the aim of transmitting his knowledge and techniques, Benoît Lachambre has developed with Par B.L.eux a pedagogical program offered to schools and choreographic centres. He is thus combining his 25-year career as a choreographer-dancer with his skills and experience as a teacher. His training classes and workshops, given around the world, have earned him widespread renown.