Projecting ourselves to the first signs of spring, we would like to invite you to Traces from November, taking place between May 16 to 27.

During two weeks in May Moving in November explores the world around us. A world we share in close proximity with other species. Inviting you to intimate encounters with plant beings and other animals on eye height. How do we look and experience our near surrounding? How do we interact, perceive and observe non-human living beings? Questions, that will be posed and deepened during these two weeks.

Invited artists Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger, Matilda Aaltonen & Veli Lehtovaara approach these topics through performances and sharing their artistic research in workshops. Through their lenses and artistic practices, we leave the classical theater frame and move outside, as well as into different areas of Helsinki.

YEW: outside by Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger takes place in the urban nature of Central Park Helsinki. An outdoor performance of intensive encounters with them and their plant partners.

The same piece has been turned into a version for children, ages three to five. With YEW: kids the two artists together with Moving in November move to Pihlajamäki–Pihlajisto inviting the youngest from the kindergartens in that area to meet the nature surrounding them.

In line with these two performances, Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger offer a planting-dance workshop, sharing their co-creative artistic practices in how to communicate with nature consciousness. This Gardening workshop situated at Tokoinranta is an invitation to dance a garden into existence. On the last day, the workshop is open for anyone to come by and follow.

Matilda Aaltonen together with Veli Lehtovaara will explore our relation to other living begins in two dance workshops. My multispecies neighbors open for everybody and I and Other Animals addressing dance professionals are situated in Pihlajamäki–Pihlajisto area.

Matilda Aaltonen & Veli Lehtovaara also invite to a dance-oriented study Performing Animalities – A Praxis, a performance moving across notions of human and animal and bringing them closer to each other.

This is only a beginning. Moving in November will continue exploring these topics during this fall, through Herbarium a long-term art and science project creating regenerative encounters between nature and the culture, developed by Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger together with collegues. Herbarium’s focus lies in mutual learning from the inherent intelligence of nature and in drawing on local and ‘lost’ knowledges. Herbarium is a three-year process in three different countries: the Colombian rainforest, the Finnish wetland, forest and Helsinki city, as well as Berlin and its urban nature. The Helsinki version will be presented this fall.

But for now, we warmly invite you to have a close look at the Traces from November program and to make your reservations!

Looking much forward to see you in May!
Kerstin Schroth & Moving in November team