It was a truly special moment to open Moving in November, to receive artists from abroad and from Helsinki, to present their pieces and to welcome everybody to share time in the theater.

This time we live in is challenging. Even more important to have opened the door to this festive explosion now. To a joined experience in the theater, to conversations and laughter. To not let go, to insist and to move. Highlighting once more the importance of the live-encounter and performing arts as such. In a moment while on a European level theaters and festivals had to close down, already for a second time this year. Did we have good timing? Luck within bad luck? I’m not sure but it brought us again to the transformative force of art in our world. While watching the pieces, listening and engaging in various conversations with the presenting artists, the local hosts and festival visitors/ guests, this force was sparkling through, realizing once more that art is a motor and big part of our way of looking at this world, namely through the eyes of artists and their works. Shine bright small island of performing arts!

Now it’s time for us to say thank you to everybody who has made this festival possible. Thank you to the artists that stayed in quarantine, that traveled to Helsinki to present their pieces. Thank you to the theaters and other venues that have hosted us. Thank you to our audience, for your longing to be in a theater space together with others, for conversations, clapping together, sharing soup. Thank you to precious collaborators and funders a wonderful Moving in November team and board. Thank you for thinking together, collaborating, engaging and visiting a contemporary dance festival in these times!

Thank you for the shared time!

See you in spring 2021 (dates to be announced soon).

Kerstin Schroth & Isabel González

Marlon Moilanen

Mariangela Pluchino

Pie Kär

Uzair Amjad

Mariangela Pluchino, Uzair Amjad

Pihla Sudenyö

Mariangela Pluchino

Sound design and original music:
Oula Rytkönen

Marloes Van Son

Special thanks to:
Kerstin Schroth, Madhouse Helsinki, Academy of Moving People and Images

Still-picture: from trailer by Mariangela Pluchino