SOCIAL SOIL is produced from bio waste collected from the events of Moving in November in 2020 and June 2021. The main ingredients of the biomass are compostable soup cups, lids and fallen leaves. But also, biodegradable traces of the artist’s and team’s backstage catering, written notes from Soup Talks and rehearsals, evening programs and compostable props.

With SOCIAL SOIL and the continuous composting process artist Pie Kär examines together with Moving in November the traces we leave. Digesting the festival’s activities and thinking about a regenerative way of working.

You might have encountered the festival’s social choreographer Pie Kär and SOCIAL SOIL in one or the other of our venues during the festival this November. Maybe you had a conversation with Pie Kär or you got a bag of SOCIAL SOIL to take home and to nourish your plants.

We would like to give you more insights about this project and share the video made during Pie Kär’s process of composting (see below).

Collecting the festival’s traces has continued during this year’s edition. The compost will conclude into a work presented in November 2022 by artists Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger.

Now we want to wish you happy holidays, see you in 2022!
Your Moving in November team