Over your FERAL

We have been working in the zone where there are no words but a lot of body. We have been working on foregrounding the body. To shake the body from the perpetual habits, and from the stories we constantly tell ourselves.  To disorientate our individuality and seek a softer more delicate way to inhabit our flesh. We are practising a kind of poetry, that overestimates the value of the body. Trying to understand our individual body and the communal bodies that we are a part of. Reframing the pedestrian body through, weight, duration, shape, rhythm and dynamics.

Repeatedly over the past years Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan have tried to get to the core of unnamed states of bodily experience. They have embodied and presented knowledge that is shared between people and yet is inaccessible through language. Over Your Fucking Body started from their interest in these amorphous moments where words fail. They aim to physically articulate these unnameable states into dances. To present areas of experience that usually stay hidden from appearance.

Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan

Janina Rajakangas works mainly as a choreographer, with a practice including performing, teaching and public reflection. Her latest directed works are Dinosaur (2015), Teen (2017) and Canary (2018). As a performer she works for Frauke Requardt, Requardt & Rosenberg and Robert Clark in London. Since 2019 Janina works on a 3-year-artist grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Neil Callaghan has been making work with various constellations of people since 2002 in the fields of dance, theatre and visual arts. He works alone and in collaboration with numerous others. He has previously worked with Lea Anderson, Doris Uhlich, Nicola Conibere, Dan Canham, Requardt & Rosenberg, Simone Kenyon and Vlatka Horvat. At present he tours with Until Our Hearts Stop by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods.

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Interview: Janina Rajakangas & Neil Callaghan (Zodiak, 17.10.2019)