With this dramaturgy workshop we invite you to bring a concept, a performance or just an idea, to continue working and thinking on it together with the other participants. We invite you to shift frames!

It has been a big pleasure to discuss this workshop with Bart. His playful approach and thinking around horizontal spaces of encounter and conversation, his ideas of how to work together, are close and dear to the principals we have established for Moving in November.

Ideally, the workshop functions as a horizontal space where experiences, practices, and strategies are exchanged helping us to become more precise about what dramaturgy is for each of us individually and what forms of dramaturgy suit each one of us.
The workshop starts from the belief in the collective and diverse context as a place for the development of new ideas to enrich individual artistic trajectories. It is open to practitioners of various artistic disciplines.
-Bart Van den Eynde

If you would like to participate, send us a short note of interest to . Your note will serve as a first-hand get to know for Bart. The workshop is open for 10 participants, after the number is reached, we open a waiting list.

The workshop is part of 2021 November’s festival and is held 5.-7.11. & 9.-11.11.2021. Participation fee is 150€.