What does the month of November culturally represent in Finland? The month when the transition into wintertime happens throughout the northern hemisphere. Not only in Finland, November is understood as the month of death. Leaves fall, plants die, people retreat indoors. Marraskuu, the Finnish word for November, also means death in the old tongue. Translated, Liikkeellä marraskuussa could hence also be: Moving with death.

Around November strong winds, heavy rain, grey days exchange with the first freezing cold days, blue sky and winter-sun. A sun that barely crosses the horizon. The first snow might appear, and the sea surrounding Helsinki changes its appearance and color every day. Days get shorter, nights longer. People move from social spaces into their homes. Moving in November seems to be one of the last social events and possibilities to gather before the winter curtain falls.

A warm invitation to Moving in November! After our festive summer edition, we would like to share some time during this fall. We welcome you to experience works that have been selected for you. To our series of informal encounters, Soup Talks, bringing you in conversation with the invited artists. To workshops and to audio walks.

For eleven days, artists come together in the Helsinki area to share their dreams, their perspectives and analyses of our world, of the time and societies we are living in.

None of the works you will witness, is set in a classical stage setting. Works are placed in a circular structure, split seating, delivered to you by post, come in the form of an installation, have turned into a movie, invite you outside to a well-known city beach, into a museum, or into a hybrid room resemblinga hospital care unit or a ghostly abandoned salon, where you find yourself in a close proximity to the performer.

Together with you, we are happy to welcome: Dominique Brun & François Chaignaud, Isabel Lewis, Michiel Vandevelde, Maria Saivosalmi & Vytautas Puidokas, Mikko Niemistö, Sanna Blennow, Teo Lanerva, Olli Lautiola, Justus Kantakoski, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Ingri Fiksdal, Boglarka Börcsök & Andreas Bolm, Stefan Kaegiwith Judith Zagury and Nathalie Küttel, Chiara Bersani & Ilaria Lemmo, Bart Van den Eynde, Elsa Tölli & Veera Milja and Jared Gradinger to this year’s festival.

Take a read, dive into this year’s Moving in November program and take time to make your selection.

We also have a surprise for you. We continue to spill out to other seasons of the year. Traces from Novembercontinues in May 2022, with two outdoor performances, by Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger. One for adults, the other one for kids.

Looking forward meeting you in November!

Warm wishes,
Kerstin Schroth & Moving in November team