Moving in November festival is built on close partnerships between artists, production houses, international and local partners, and supporters. Our common goal is to create optimal conditions for artists and audiences to meet during the time and place created by the festival. I am happy for the trust and respect enjoyed by the festival and its audiences. It enables a fast-moving and forward-looking culture where one can face the new with a curious and friendly attitude.

I believe that the works and artists of the 2019 edition of Moving in November provide a strong sample of the interesting international dance art of our time. It appears as a crucial part of the contemporary performance scene and its quest for new thinking and aesthetics. Some of the works of the program have been touring around the world in the last couple of years, gaining considerable attention and recognition. There are also new works and concepts that I look forward to with a great deal of enthusiasm and interest.

Moving in November festival has a long and significant history as a key meeting place of international contemporary dance in our country. I have had the privilege to follow it, from the viewpoint of the spectator as well as the organizer, during several decades already. To me, it has always presented itself as a polyphonic and communal art event that wants to welcome everyone, and that creates an atmosphere where one can freely express one’s thoughts and feelings of the shared experiences.

The purpose of Moving in November festival has been to present dance and contemporary performance of our time, with an emphasis on exploring and critically revising the aesthetic conventions of the stage, exploring new ways and forms of doing things. It has not aimed at creating so-called ‘threshold experiences’, but rather at participating in the international art discourse and developing a culturally ambitious event in the Greater Helsinki area. At the same time, however, the festival has managed to continuously expand its audience base. I am convinced of its ability to communicate with a wide range of spectators and provide uniquely expressive experiences of dance.

With slight sadness, this year’s festival marks the last time for me as a member of the team responsible for its content and activities. The future of the festival moves to very capable hands, and I’m sure that it will survive and develop as an important international actor. The Finnish dance scene, along with the whole field of the performing arts, will experience many changes in the near future. The Dance House, which will open in a few years, and the efforts to develop better funding structures for art, will create both challenges and new opportunities for all players in the field. The importance of Moving in November as a fresh, innovative and ambitious festival must also be better recognized by funders.

It is time for thanks. In this context, I would like to highlight the new cooperation with the Cultural Center Caisa. This year, Caisa will serve as a platform for new and deepening cooperation with Estonian actors. The University of the Arts Helsinki is joining as a new partner to develop the festival’s multidisciplinary discussion and education content. Thank you.

I would like to thank all the members of the festival organization and those on its board for their support and trust. Our warm thanks also go to all the long-term partners and supporters of the festival. In particular, I would like to highlight the professionalism, vision and dedication of the festival staff. Many thanks to Isabel, Ilkka, Riikka, Jaakko, Soili, Mariangela and all the employees and interns of previous years. But most of all, thank you to all the artists and the audience!

Ps. Welcome to Kerstin, I’m looking forward to next year’s festival.

Helsinki 22.9.2019, Mikael Aaltonen