It’s already three years since we together started re-thinking Moving in November. The festival grew, it extended in time and space. It spilled over to other seasons of the year via two editions of Traces from November. We reached out to other areas in Helsinki, we build new partnerships and gained new spectators.

Today we are thrilled to announce that we have been asked by our board to continue this adventure together for the coming five years. We have happily accepted!

“We are very happy that both Kerstin and Isabel are able to continue to develop together Moving in November in the coming five years. The covid-restrictions in years 2020-21 took its toll of the performing arts field in general and put a burden on all of us working in this field. Despite of many problems and backlashes caused by the pandemic Kerstin and Isabel developed Moving in November in an immensely creative way which has been inspiring for us – the board members of the festival. Through her understanding and her connections of the international contemporary dance field Kerstin has been able to create fresh ways to approach the content of the festival and through various collaborations and partnerships to reach new festival participants. The ways in which Moving in November is enabling a dialogue between the local and the international artists and networks is truly important for the dance field.” – Liisa Pentti, Chair of the board

“Looking back – starting to work with Moving in November, filled me with an immense excitement. Thinking a festival each year, all the different shapes it can possibly take, is still so very rich and inspiring! As much as being in conversations with artists, engaging and working together on making their presentations and projects happening in the frame of the festival.

To me Moving in November has become an invitation to come together. To experience artistic works from the local scene and abroad. Artists voicing their critical thinking, their visions, their experiences, their dreams, opening small windows to the world we are living in. I am committed and exited to continue this started path, together with Isabel.”  – Kerstin Schroth

Together we are especially drawn to further develop Moving in November into a place to enhance the social. Bringing people together, creating space for exchange, conversations, thought and laughter. Presenting performances that propose a different way of being together in theater spaces.

We will continue developing Moving in November in the directions we have planted during the past three years. We wish and hope, that you follow us on this journey, that we continue to have fruitful encounters and conversations during the festival and beyond.

This year Moving in November takes place between November 2nd to 12th. Make sure, that your calendar stays empty in this period! The program will be released mid-September.

See you soon,

Kerstin Schroth, Artistic Director & Isabel González, General Manager

Photos: Mariangela Pluchino