The darkening beginning of November marks an annual gathering of international dance. It is an invitation to experience current works by new or already familiar artists. In the 2019 Moving in November festival, invited artists and works appear to be coming from different worlds, and this is our intention.

The works seen in the festival articulate the diversity of bodies, corporealities and cultural references. During the festival week, the concept of the stage is explored from different localities, resulting in a range of views and possibilities of humanity, bodies and desires.

Festival works are intimate, personal and deeply experienced. The subjectivities we face in them are in states of constant motion and formation, and it is therefore difficult to set boundaries or attributes to them. The human existence appears at times as playful mirroring through cultural imagery and identities, and at other times as serious settling into the fleeing essence of existence.

The works open up unresolved questions of humanity from different perspectives – all individually articulating the staged time and the bodily presence that is shared with the audience.

We see the Moving in November Festival and its program as a momentary reorganisation of our experienced world, as its possible destabilisation, and as the emergence of new parallels and relationships.

Moving in November is built on long-term international and local cooperation. Deepening relationships with our long-term partners and the formation of new partnerships enrich the festival’s operating environment, and thus increase the opportunities for the audience to encounter the power and depth of dance as an art form.

We thank the artists, staff, partners and supporters of the festival for their work in the advancement of dance.

Mikael Aaltonen & Ari Tenhula