Summer is in the air! We invite you to the second part of Moving in November from June 14thto 20th. Welcome to a special edition of a festival that started in November 2020 and spills out over time and space, transforming from Traces in November to Traces from November.

A special edition that had to deal with more than one obstacle. We were ready. The artists were ready. The pieces were ready. We adapted to an ever-changing situation, to decisions taken on short notice, with major consequences for a whole field. We have been left waiting in an absurd loop of uncertainty, hope and readiness to go, to re-start whenever the possibility is given. Caught in an endless repetition of preparations. Scheduling and re-scheduling, confirming venues and finding new ones at the last minute, as the city of Helsinki decided to keep the theater spaces in the cultural centers closed, in which we planned to work in.

Finally dates and venues are set, original plans slightly modified and adapted, and we are excited to present to you the pieces of Sheena McGrandles, Nada & Co, Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijević and Frédéric Gies & Weld Company. We are grateful that the artists have been waiting with us, hoping, crossing fingers, thinking along, and open to adapt.

Frédéric Gies & Weld Company agreed, yet again, to show another special version of their piece Tribute. After Tribute – the library version, we have the big pleasure to present the piece as Tribute – the outdoor version in Tapiola Amphitheatre, with all nine dancers.

Sheena McGrandles and her team played around with the idea to place their set, a large wall, in the middle of a park and agreed to present Figured under the given circumstances as an outdoor version. In Ooppera Amphitheatre, two figures re-edit themselves across a wall, back and forth, cut, reverse, re-wind, a constant disruption performed on their bodies along a large wall, situated this time on a stage outside.

For the pieces of Nada & Co and Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijević, we have also found new venues, Koko Theatre and Puppet Theatre Sampo. And we are thankful for their last-minute help and collaboration. Both pieces will be presented with a reduced capacity of 10 spectators at a time, in an intimate and hence very special setting.

We are happy to finally bring together the selected participants for the masterclass of Esther Severi Ongoing Moments in Eskus, to work on and discuss dramaturgical concepts.

The Soup Talks will happen in the living room of the Villa, on Tuesday 15th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19thand Sunday 20th, each time at noon. Hosted by Helsinki based artists.

All is set. We are only missing your reservations, and seeing you back in these spaces, to enjoy and discuss the pieces that we have been promising to bring to you since a while.


Kerstin Schroth and the Moving in November team