Thank you for the shared time. Thank you for your overwhelming presence in this year’s Moving in November. Thank you for your good feedback and your enthusiasm towards this year’s edition!

It was a truly special moment to see the program unroll in front of my eyes – something that I had imagined for so long. To experience the connections between the works that I had thought of, when composing the program and to see others appear. While watching the works again, while listening to the Soup Talks and having conversations here and there in the festival, the pieces started resonating with one another and new aspects got revealed. Humor appeared as a strong bond between the works. Can humor and laughter help us to process this world?

It was a pleasure to present this year’s program with artists from abroad and from Helsinki to you. Engage in conversations through the Soup Talks and build further connections. Digesting the happenings around us is not self-evident anymore. It is even more important to be in conversation. To give extensive time for exchange, for listening in, asking questions, thinking together, debating, agreeing and disagreeing and for laughing together.

We were lucky that this year again several student groups could follow the festival. One group was visiting from Vilnius experiencing the whole program, seeing all performances and joining us in each of the Soup Talks. To my surprise, one of these students asked autographs from the artists after each Soup Talk. This touched me tremendously! Thinking that if contemporary performing arts and dance artists can be role models for younger generations, maybe there is a lot we can initiate through these intense festival moments, through watching pieces and being in conversation, and perhaps after all, there is hope in this messy word!?

For now, a warm and big thank you to the artists and their lovely working groups, that presented their works during this year’s festival! Namely: Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Vincent Roumagnac, Dana Michel, Ella Skoikka, Alessandro Sciarroni, Lucy Wilke & Paweł Duduś, Bryana Fritz, Janina Rajakangas, Ingri Fiksdal & Solveig Styve Holte, Cherish Menzo and also a warm thank you to the hosts of the Soup Talks for initiating the conversations: Elina Pirinen, Masi Tiitta, Sara Grotenfelt, Marika Peura, Nina Vurdelja, Riina Hannuksela & Aku Meriläinen, Samuli Emery, Simo Kellokumpu, Joel Teixeira Neves and Edit Williams.

And equally a warm and big thank you to our partner venues for hosting us and thinking along and to our funders for their important support!

Kerstin Schroth & Moving in November team

Photo: Kerstin Schroth