Safety guidelines

Safely together

How can we together make the festival experience as safe as possible

We live in strange times and attending events might understandably bring up worries and questions. We want to do our best to create as safe of a festival experience as possible, so that everyone has a possibility to attend the events with a calm mind. To enable this we have made sure that:

    • There is hand sanitizer available at the venues as well as a possibility to wash hands.
    • Our staff has been informed to run safely, using masks and/or visors.
    • Passages in venues and around stages have been designed safely with safety distances strictly in mind.
    • The venues are filled maximum at half.
    • Spaces are kept clean and surfaces sanitized actively.

We are thankful that some of our international artists are available to come to Finland to perform in November. Their possibility to arrive early makes it possible for them to spend the required time in self-isolation. We also require a negative test result from every artist traveling from abroad. We have been following the official guidelines, so that it is safe for you and the artists to encounter each other.

When making these guidelines we have been following these sources:

    • The Association of Finnish Theatres: Pandemic Working and Performance Guidelines can be accessed here.
    • Government Guidelines can be accessed here.

What we are asking from festival visitors?

We are here together and wish that we all take part in making the festival experience safe and comfortable for all of us.

To avoid lines, we ask to purchase your ticket online on our website in advance. If you arrive to the venue without a ticket, it is possible to still purchase the ticket until the start of the performance. Government recommends us to collect contact details from all the participants in case of exposure. Hence why, we wish you to buy the tickets from our online ticket shop.

Please only attend to the festival when being healthy. If you have any symptoms, stay home and we will be happy to see you when you have gotten better. In case of a ticket refund, you can contact our producer Heidi Hattunen /

Let’s all take care of safety distances in the venues and actively wash and sanitize our hands. Sometimes, even while being completely healthy, you sneeze and cough, so please do it to your sleeve or to a clean tissue. We wish you to take your own mask with you. In case you have forgotten your mask, you can ask for a mask from our staff.

Please take note that out festival has four different venues. Venue-specific guidelines for safety you can find on their website:

Culture Center Caisa: Coronainfo

Stoa: Coronainfo

Taidehalli: Instructions for a safe visit

Zodiak – Center for New Dance: Safety information

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our producer Heidi Hattunen / 

Thank you for creating a safe and enjoyable festival experience with us!