Paths in November is a greeting across the lobby.

Moving in November takes place annually at many kinds of venues, especially cultural centers. The festival is one of the many glimpses that touch these lobbies, corridors, black boxes, toilets and trash bins throughout the year. These spaces are already intersections for many different bodies, using the same facilities for different purposes. From a festival-goer’s perspective, it seems that the different users of these spaces cross spatially, but not necessarily temporally since the performances often start in the evening when libraries, restaurants, museums, education centers and youth community centers are closing. This year Moving in November is seeking to greet people, whom the festival shares spaces with. Paths in November is a series of short audio walks. Each recording is a site-specific portrait of a person inviting the listener for a walk with their voice, following their path. The project consists of two distinct processes: artistic work of Paths in November and workshops. The workshops are organized in collaboration with Stadin AO – Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute, and Sibelius High School. At the workshops, facilitated by Pie Kär, students from each collaborating institute are introduced to audio walk as an art form, and how to prepare site-specific recordings. Through these workshops, a group of interested students will join the artistic process and the making of Paths in November, based on a conceptual proposal prepared by Kär. The artistic process is also joined by the musician/sound-designer Nicolas “Leissi” Rehn. The decision on which audio files are selected and how they are edited, is by the person whose voice is on the recording. All languages are welcome. Each voice resonates as a representative of one’s age, color, gender, pleasure, faith, class or economic background. The audio walks are for the ears of anyone who visits the cultural centers Stoa, Caisa, Espoo Cultural Center or/and other venues used by Moving in November. Paths in November is building connections with and within people who use the same spaces for different purposes.

Pie Kär

Pietari Kärki (they/them), going by the artist name Pie Kär, was born in Tampere and raised in Turku. They have studied dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and choreography at the Theatre School Helsinki. Kär works actively as both a performer and a choreographer. Their choreographic work moves around fields of dance, site-specific performance, sound and community art. Since 2020 Kär has worked as the social choreographer for Moving in November. In 2021, they started as a board member of Mad House Helsinki. They are also involved in groups like Precarious Practices and Urban Anatomies Teleport as well as art cooperative Suin Päin. Kär’s work has been seen at the Moving in November festival, XS – Festival for New Dance and Performance, Olohuone 306.4 km² Urban Art Festival and in the programs of Dance Theatres Minimi and Hurjaruuth. As a performer they have recently been working with artists such as Outi Condit, Jana Unmüssig, Liisa Risu, Mikko Makkonen and Laura Jantunen. Currently Kär lives in Sipoo and works mainly in Helsinki. Their free time they spend gardening, biking and singing loudly.