At the end of their first three days of Over Your Fucking Body rehearsals Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan will organise an event open to audience at Kunsthalle Helsinki.

Rajakangas and Callaghan want to make Over Your Fucking Body with the audience present from the start. Instead of a duet, they are making a trio, where audience takes the place of the third performer. The artists will reveal how they approach the piece and share exercises and research methods with anyone wanting to take part.

“Together, we will be looking into the problems proposed by the piece: How understand the audience as one part of a trio and still respect the audience as a diverse presence of individuals? How do individuals form a collective called an audience?”

“We are using the triangle of us and the audience to create possibilities of sharing intimate reactions. The sharing of the opening of the rehearsal period will be uncomfortable and brave, it will be a generous gesture and an ask for a helping hand.”

Before the event open to audience, the artists start the piece with workshop participants at a workshop at Zodiak Centre for New Dance 3.-5.11.2018. Over Your Fucking Body will be premiered at Moving in November Festival 2019.

More information about the workshop and signing up here.

Neil Callaghan and Janina Rajakangas

Neil Callaghan has been making work with various constellations of people since 2002 in the fields of dance, theatre and visual arts. He works alone and in collaboration with Lea Anderson, Doris Uhlich, Nicola Coniber, Dan Canham, Requardt & Rosenberg, Simone Kenyon, Janina Rajakangas and Vlatka Horvat. At present he tours with Until Our Hearts Stop by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods.

Janina Rajakangas works mainly as a choreographer, with a practice including performing, teaching and public reflection. Her latest directed works are Dinosaur (2015),  Teen (2017) and Canary (2018). As a performer she works for Frauke Requardt, Requardt & Rosenberg and Robert Clark in London. In 2018 Janina works on an Artist Grant from Arts Promotion Centre, Finland.