In the frame of the EU project Life Long Burning Moving in November Helsinki and danceWEB Vienna are offering a slot in the danceWEB Scholarship Program 2024, in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, for dancers and choreographers with decidedly professional ambitions.

Each year, the five-week program allows dancers and young choreographers from around 40 countries to take part in all workshops and research projects, and to watch all ImPulsTanz performances. The festival’s international orientation provides an ideal platform for up-and-coming artists and enables the sharing of ideas with teachers and choreographers to establish a network. In addition, the participants are mentored by internationally renowned artists from the dance and performance scene.

In 2024, the visual artist and choreographer Isabel Lewis, who works in the fields of dance, music and theatre, will be danceWEB mentor. Who’s work was presented in the frame of Moving in November 2021.

Having had a long history of collaboration with the ImPulsTanz Workshops I am particularly excited to take on this new role as the danceWEB mentor in 2024. The ImPulsTanz workshop program has always been a place that has invited and encouraged me to radically experiment with my practice and to share this process with others. In a time where the demand for and expectation of visibility is so high, we may often feel hesitant to allow ourselves to dive into unknown possibilities in front of one another. In honoring the space that has been extended to me over the years at ImPulsTanz, I would like to consider the summer program as such a space of intention for giving oneself the permission to escape the habit (and requirement) of representing a coherent and continuous image of oneself or one’s work AND for the collective effort of hosting and holding a compassionate space for taking such risks.”


  • Participation in the ImPulsTanz workshops
  • Free admission to all performances at ImPulsTanz
  • Salons exclusively available to danceWEB participants
  • Lecture demonstrations and roundtables
  • Accommodation
  • Mentoring by the artistic mentor of danceWEB 2024, Isabel Lewis
  • Inclusion in the constantly growing international danceWEB database
  • European travel expenses

From 10 July to 14 August 2024.

Applicants must be able to participate for the entire duration of the programme.

Only individual artists based in Finland can apply, no duos/groups.

Please send your biography, picture and a short motivation letter in English to:

Looking forward to your applications!

Kerstin Schroth & Moving in November team