Moving in November’s festival program is published! We warmly invite you to discover the this year’s edition! In case you have not yet read the pre-note in relation to the program, you find it here.

We are proud to open the festival with Bacchae – prelude to a purge by Marlene Monteiro Freitas. A polyphonic stage experience, taking inspiration from the texts of Euripides, combining them with grotesque, fantastical carnival-like elements to a monstrous and joyous piece. Bringing this important work finally to Helsinki, makes a dream come true!

As much as bringing back to Moving in November Dana Michel with her latest work MIKE. A three-hour performance, transforming mundane actions into choreographic experiments, exploring the profound connection between trust and self-expression within the context of work culture. A performance, unfolding the automatism of our daily actions, sharply addressing work-life balance, hovering between tragic and comic.

What does it mean to get involved with a person whose basic conditions are completely different from one’s own? We are thrilled to show the intimate work of artists Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś, with music by Kim_TwiddleSCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP explores the scope of their relationship: a friendship that defies traditional definitions and is challenging societal norms while also dismantling their own physical boundaries.

Also in Alessando Sciarroni’s performance Save the Last Dance for Me, proximity and trust are an essential base. A physically demanding dance combining acrobatic movements and intricate embraces, with two dancers whirling and bending almost to the ground.

We are excited to present three works from local working artists in this year’s festival. Vincent Roumagnac’s DATA OCEAN THEATRE a performative installation reimagining Greek tragedy and marine mythology through a queer and techno-animist lens.
Also the performance Poet in my – my life as Fabou by Ella Skoikka, where intimate feelings, ecological grief, and wild dreams meet in a play of imaginations.
And last but not least Janina Rajakanga’s performance Venus, asking what is it like to be a girl in the 2020s? What began as a project between a mother and daughter has blossomed into a creation comprising poems, songs, and dance performed by four teenagers.

HORDE by Ingri Fiksdal and Solveig Holte, is a very special choreographic work for nine teenagers between the age of 15 to 18 from the Helsinki area. A performance, that both through practical organization as well as artistic expression thematizes who can access art and artistic work in today’s world.

With her performance Submission SubmissionBryana Fritz has created a thought-provoking pearl. An ongoing collection of performative portraits that highlights the stories and tragedies of medieval women saints.

We are closing the festival with the latest work by Cherish MenzoDARKMATTER wants to get rid of the biased way of looking at one’s body, at that of the other, and at the stories we attribute to them. Having the desire to bring multiple voices to the audience, Cherish Menzo works with the Distorted Rap Choir: a locally formed choir of participantsinviting people from the African diaspora. You can find more information here.

Welcome to Moving in November!

Kerstin Schroth & the Moving in November team.

 Photo: Laurent Philippe