This year’s program meanders between various subjects, formats and spaces. Alongside very political and poetic reflections on our world, on our way of being together and forming societies, there is a focus on the plant beings we share this planet with. Music, text and stories are like the glue between the different works of this year’s edition. Filling the gaps in between.

Working on this year’s program I chose for a slightly ironic/playful/funny working title: big shots. Playing around with the idea of only inviting large-scale works and with this opening the question of what is considered a large-scale work nowadays. Not referring to big names, but to artists that dare to create works in these times of insecurity, maybe small in their appearance, but large in their engagement and way of working. Choreographers taking the space and putting front subjects and ways of producing that are daring, urgent, and specific, that go far in format, concept, realization, and commitment.

Looking at the finished program, I could also change the title to burning or urgent matters. Thinking back at the conversations I had, the performances and rehearsals I saw, I have a strong feeling, that the invited works make no compromises, they burn in different ways on the fingertips of the artists and will hopefully inspire you, as much as they have inspired me.

How to choose, is always a central question. How do I choose which performance will be presented during Moving in November and also what parcours will you choose within the festival program, what works will you come to see.

My choices are often made at the very moment when I see a performance. Based on content and atmosphere, what they trigger in me. What bodies, what generations do I see on stage. What stories are told and especially also who tells them? Secondly, I think about the context, Helsinki. I try to imagine, how a work I would like to present would be received within Moving in November.

The way you will choose to look at the program will be an individual one. With the choices you make, you will construct your very own festival experience. My secret wish of course is, that you see the whole program. That you take the time for this year’s ride, this year’s experience, this year’s edition. That you stay with us and the artists after the performances for a bowl of Soup. That you listen in and converse with the presenting artists during our daily informal conversation series Soup Talks.

It’s only a matter of your time, as our ticket policy will allow you to see a lot. There is the festival pass bringing front one of our biggest concerns to keep the ticket prices reasonable, so that everybody can afford them.

What will be your choices? What will be your parcours through this year’s festival program? I am curious.

Watch out for the program release on September 15th.

Kerstin Schroth, with the Moving in November team