In her group creation, Cosmic Love, Montreal-based choreographer Clara Furey has developed a work around intuitive and poetic representations of physical phenomena. In a minimalist setting, in which all forms of communication become possible, Clara Furey and her performers have addressed the constant transformation of energy and the ritualization of simple gestures.

By questioning the idea that space is a vacuum, given the energetic bonds and dynamic forces with which it is filled, Clara Furey has created a work of abstraction, which ultimately reveals the unique radiance of living bodies. Space vibrates as the seven performers move intently, paving the way for a synchronistic, participation-driven world, where energy is a shared resource.

To achieve her vision, Clara Furey surrounded herself with long-standing collaborators such as lighting designer Alexandre Pilon-Guay and musical composer Tomas Furey. The latter, who is also present on stage, delivers an immersive auditory experience designed to be embraced by all the senses that allows the audience to open new spaces for introspection and imagination.

As ice becomes water, then steam, the performers experienced a continuous transformative process, united by a gluey love. As an ocean of questions both challenging and light, a rigorous and tender machine, a core of indestructible energy. Like recognizing outlines in the sky, one constellation at a time, Cosmic Love revealed itself to be a piece about empathy and listening to one another.

Clara Furey

Clara Furey began her artistic practice in singing and music composition before entering the world of dance, studying throughout her childhood at the Paris Conservatory and later at l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Early in her dance career, Clara Furey worked with a number of different choreographers, including George Stamos, Damien Jalet and Benoît Lachambre, who had a significant influence on her artistic vision.

Since 2011, she turns towards choreography and develops work that is centered on a Hyperawareness of sensory perception. She is interested in the physical and gestural search of an extreme precision, in the micro-details that form one’s individuality and in the macro that unites us all. She is interested in the constant transformation of energy and in leaving space for a communicative void and the creative minds of the spectators. She works on bringing choreographic performance to a proximity both sensitive and perceptible.

Many different collaborations brought her to think of an approach that attempts to expand the boundaries of dance; using museum spaces and crossing the disciplines of visual and fine arts and choreography. Clara Furey is interested in the dialogue between the different mediums that make a living artwork, inviting them to interact in a horizontal hierarchy.

Clara Furey is an artist associate of Par B.L.eux.