We have a fine extra for you. Moving in November presents the freshly launched book by essayist, dramaturg and performer Jeroen Peeters And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy. In the book, Jeroen discusses principles, methods and practices that contribute to an understanding of dramaturgy as an experimental, collaborative practice and a material form of thinking. The book is written from practice and reflects a particular history of collaboration and conversation with various dance-makers. 
With this, we continue our line of inviting dramaturgs to share their specific way of working and understanding of dramaturgy with the local artist community.
The event takes place on November 5th at 3 pm in Kiasma and is free of charge, pre-registration is preferred. Artists Maria F. Scaroni and Tuomas Laitinen will be in conversation with Jeroen around the book and their own artistic practices.
Also, a reminder and a warm welcome to sign up for our discursive series Soup Talks.
Soup Talks are an invitation to come together and discuss. We invite you for a bowl of soup and to engage in informal discussions with the artists presenting in Moving in November around their works. You are also more than welcome to lean back and just listen in.
The talks are taking place each day during the festival between 12-1:30 pm @Caisa and are hosted by an artist from the Helsinki area. 
With one exception: we are extremely happy about this year’s collaboration with Publics. Inviting us for the Soup Talk with artist Mette Edvardsen on November 7th to their facilities.

Last but not least, as last year, we start the conversation series with a Pre-Soup Talk on the 31st of October 12-1:30 pm. At Villa Eläintarha, journalist Sara Nyberg and our artistic director Kerstin Schroth discusses this year’s program. Welcome to listen and join in, while enjoying soup!
Guests: Calixto Neto & working group
Host: Antonia Atarah
Guest: Meg Stuart
Host: Karolina Ginman
Guests: Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger & working group
Host: Anna Talasniemi
7.11.2022 NB! @Publics
Guests: Mette Edvardsen & working group
Host: Paul O’Neill
Guest: Eisa Jocson
Host: Vincent Roumagnac
Guests: Sheena McGrandles & working group
Host: Maija Mustonen

Guest: Tuomas Laitinen
Host: Anna Kozonina
Guest: Cherish Menzo
Host: River Lin
Guests: Veli Lehtovaara & working group
Host: Otso Lähdeoja

See you in November!
Moving in November team

Photo: Kerstin Schroth