Festival passes are currently sold out. Single tickets are sold at the venues’ outlets, online and at the door, if available.






Single performance tickets (25/15 €) are also available. They are sold at the venues’ outlets, online and at the door. In online sales, possible sales costs may be added. Please see information on the performance details pages or the festival schedule page, as outlets vary depending on the venue.

You can enjoy the whole programme of Moving in November festival with a personal festival pass. The festival pass entitles the holder to collect performance tickets to the desired performances, one per performance.  Festival passes and performance tickets can be purchased online. Performance tickets also available at the door, if there are seats available.

Passes are personal. Name of the holder will be printed on the confirmation.
Entrance to the performances is only allowed for the person whose name is on it.
No handling charges or other fees!





  1. Go to  Holvi web shop:
  2. Choose one  festival pass 35 €. The pass is PERSONAL. The name of the buyer will be printed on the receipt. If you want to buy a festival pass for a friend, please make a separate purchase.
  3. You can also choose the desired performance tickets with your pass. One ticket per performance, please.
  4. After making the payment, you will receive the confirmation by email.
  5. Bring the confirmation with you to the performances, either as paper prints or as pdf, if you have a smartphone or tablet.
  6. If you have not collected a performance ticket before-hand, you can get one at the door (if there are available seats).
  7. Enjoy the performances!


Web shop is only intended for purchasing festival passes and ensuring your seat.






To inquire about press tickets, please contact Riikka Thitz: or tel. +358 40 4849044