Moving in November 30 years

Moving in November is the oldest and most significant contemporary dance festival in the Helsinki area. Every year, the festival brings international artists and performances to Finland and instigates discourse with its edgy programming. With a mission to educate and inspire local audiences, the festival strives to be topical, international and progressive. The aim is to create new contexts for contemporary dance.

Moving in November, founded in 1986, is an independently curated, topical and progressive festival. It functions in close collaboration with performance venues and production centers, adding value through its international work and networks. Long-term partners include Stoa, Kiasma Theatre and Zodiak – Center for New Dance, which are performance venues for this year’s festival as well. Without its partners and supporters, the festival would not be possible in its current form. The organiser and driving force behind the festival is Tanssiareena (Dance Arena), with its members: Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts, Eskus – Performance Center and Dance House Helsinki.


This year, Moving in November celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Typically, an anniversary is the time to look back and evaluate the past. Five years ago, in 2011, Moving in November published a 25th anniversary chronicle about the festival’s history. The chronicle included interesting and insightful comments from key people in and around the festival. The past decade, its historical events and festival programs were presented in a narrative form.

The chronicle painted a picture of a trailblazer. Throughout the years, Moving in November has introduced Finnish audiences to a large number of international artists and works from the European scene. It has shaped the art form in Finland, and broadened the audience of contemporary dance.

In many ways, the festival has acted as the visionary pioneer. It has broadened horizons and concepts of dance. In the beginning of the 21st century, the main focus was to bring important makers of the European dance scene to Finland. In the past decade, the festival has taken on a more proactive role in shaping the artistic landscape.


Now, in its 30th anniversary year, Moving in November looks forward: What does the future of dance look like? What interests the dance makers and artists of today, where are they heading?

Moving in November has evolved from a reactive, presenting festival into a more proactive platform, especially through its international strategic partnerships and artistically interesting networks. The festival participates in Finnish and international coproductions, providing new connections between artists and production structures. This autumn, one concrete collaboration happens across the Gulf of Finland as Moving in November and its Estonian partner, NU Performance Festival, present a performance together at Kanuti Gildi Saal in Tallinn. The Finnish audience needs to take a boat across the gulf this year, but perhaps the possibility of a fast tunnel connection between the two cities is not very far in the future…


This year, Moving in November festival will not publish a new chronicle. Instead, the platform is given to the future and the voices of artists.

This year, the festival has asked Finnish artists whose works have been coproduced and presented by Moving in November in the past years to write texts for this year’s festival. These writings serve as instigators for the festival Birthday Brunch discussion on 5.11., where the dialogue of the artists is continued.


Let’s raise our glass to the past 30 years and celebrate the future! Long live the arts!




Moving in November festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Helsinki. The 2016 festival is also supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.