Maija Hirvanen


Performance / Proposal for an encounter 5th October 2016 12:20 pm


My fingers are pressing these letters into words, now. The deadline was 29th of September and today I have an hour to write.

An hour is not enough. Not right after a premiere. A wonderful hour, shoulder blades moving. Time is relative. Still, an hour is not enough for a page.

(I think of you, You, you-you, y-o-u.)

In an hour I can, however, make a continuum, extra time, I can direct the space of this text somewhere else. Elsewhere, where, else. To other lines, the ether, into some potential.

If You, you, you-you want, send a text message to my number +358503557176 and I will send you a text chain that will cumulate in between my deadline here and the festival to come. I think you won’t regret the texting. This is a real suggestion, one that you can take literally.

See you in November, moving.

But before that, use that mobile, please!


with kind regards,

Maija H.


Maija Hirvanen’s choreography For those who have time had its premiere at Moving in November festival 2012.



Moving in November festival has coproduced new works by Finnish dance artists for over ten years, To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the festival has invited artists 2007–2016 to write and discuss their artistic practice. These texts are published in the festival catalogue. On the Birthday Brunch on Oct. 5, 2016, the artists will discuss the texts together with the audience.

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