Elina Pirinen


Say with me terrified excited XVI times,



Because of historical memory, because of cream gnocchis and meat pizzas, because of treasures and ransoms, because of the ostentatious body, because of rocks on the beach, because of forgiving stupidity, because of melodramatic compositions, because of incoherent shitass colleague I and incoherent shitass colleague II, because of exorbitant fudge buns, because of delusion, because of thinking and thinking more, because of prefixless internationality, because of the unborn child Orlando and the best firend’s unborn child Bailando, because of the wild process in a strict frame, because of hickeys on the neck, because of pencils in the case, because of feminism and libido, because of libido and institution, because of institution and passion, because of passion and repetition, because of heartache, because of the scenography of regression, because of this writing and its deceptive rhythm, because of farewell to brilliance, because of the perversion of somatics, because of the crank call to a pr person, because of pimple face dogs and horses and gerbils, because of the local canon of pleasure, because of the global canon of pleasure, because of Opel Beach Astra driving to the antiDenial hut, because of the soiree at antiDenial hut, because of Thanatos and Finitos, Eros and Marienhof, because of because, because of the theory of music and shock, because of the luscious venue and its luscious leader and his luscious producers, because of renewal of the recent past through an iMessage, because of the sphere of dreams and some sun, because of the hot affair with a doctor and the cold affair with a lighting designer, because of the potential of horribleness, because of the event horizon with all the colors, because of psychoanalysis and everyone who went there, because of the metaphors of space and time that have lost their meaning, because of the letters sealed with a kiss, because of the power handle with vaseline and the vaseline hand on it and the vaseline press of own vaseline hand, because of petting, because of future ghosts, because of the psyche not theatre, because of language not reason, because of the frozen clock, because of the demonic losses of friend, because of pre-planning, because of the rind and grind of gendered artists, because of 2018, because of 2017, because of the not epic but dead last autumn 2016, because of 2015, because of 2013, because of empathy 2014, because of blossoming to fantasma from out of guilt, because of taking the karaoke taxi home, because your chauvinistic film cannot be compared to my friend’s work goddammit, because of Wetsuit-Daisy and Bottom-of-the-Pit-Raymond floating under the moon, because of hard work ethic and the Paradise Beach detective seasons I-IX, because of psyche racism, because of the favourite lyricist and the favourite composer and the favourite painter and the favourite avenger, because of the academic use of the term dodecaphonia, because of feeding the fish on the festival boat, because of Yamaha Stage cp, because of the fat cat on the beach and the fat cat’s fat bungalow and the fat bungalow’s relationship to eyeballs and the eyeball’s relationship to light years, because



say with me silent days enchanted by nigella.


Elina Pirinen


Elina Pirinen’s choreography Personal Symphonic Moment had its premiere at Moving in November festival 2013.



Moving in November festival has coproduced new works by Finnish dance artists for over ten years, To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the festival has invited artists 2007–2016 to write and discuss their artistic practice. These texts are published in the festival catalogue. On the Birthday Brunch on Oct. 5, 2016, the artists will discuss the texts together with the audience.

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