Alessandro Sciarroni: UNTITLED_I will be there when you die

Alessandro Sciarroni:

UNTITLED_I will be there when you die


FRI 4.11.2016 at 18:00
SAT 5.11.2016 at 18:00

Mediakeskus Lume

Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki








Choreographer and theatre director Alessandro Sciarroni constructs intriguing stage objects on the border between dance, performance art and ritual anthropology. He makes use of the body as a medium, analytical tool and testing ground, all at the same time. He connects its energy up to diverse contexts, sensing its resistance and sounding out its limits, in order to blur its perception and widen its scope for action.

UNTITLED_I will be there when you die is a choreographic and performative practice on the passing of time born out of a reflection on the art of juggling. The idea is to strip away all the stereotypes that are commonly associated to this circus art in the collective imagination to allow its exploration as a language. Practice, rule, discipline, commitment, concentration, are the building blocks of this work that force the actors to stay in the present time, with no chance to go back.

This work represents the second chapter of the trilogy Will you still love me tomorrow?, a research on the concepts of strain, perseverance and endurance, using a range of aesthetic approaches. The first part, Folk-s (2012) was conceived using a complicated folklore dance from the Tyrolean region. The third part, Aurora (2015) tackles the paralympic sport of goalball. In addition to the rigour, coherence, and clarity of each creation, Sciarroni’s work tries to uncover the obsessions, fears, and fragilities embedded in the act of performing, through the use of repetitive movements, pushing the limits of physical endurance and thus challenging the interpreters; this creates a different dimension of time and produces an empathic relationship between the audience and the performers.




UNTITLED_I will be there when you die


By: Alessandro Sciarroni

With: Lorenzo Crivellari, Edoardo Demontis, Victor Garmendia Torija, Pietro Selva Bonino

Original Music, Sound, Training: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld

Lighting Design: Rocco Giansante

Technical Manager: Cosimo Maggini

Dramaturgical Consultant: Antonio Rinaldi, Peggy Olislaegers

Study of process: Matteo Ramponi

Project Curator and Promotion: Lisa Gilardino

Production Director: Marta Morico

Organisation: Chiara Fava

Casting Organisation: Benedetta Morico

Press Office: Beatrice Giongo


Co-production: Comune di Bassano del Grappa / Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Biennale de la danse / Maison de la Danse de Lyon, AMAT, Mercat de les Flors/Graner (Barcelona), Dance Ireland (Dublin)

Realized in the frame of the EU Modul Dance project promoted by the European Dancehouse Network, with the support of the EU Cultural Programme 2007-13.


Premiere: Ancona 17.7.2013

Duration: 50 min.



Photo: Fabio Leone



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